Claim your bill

Claims submitted via Mijn Zilveren Kruis or app are paid out more quickly, within 2 working days. Claims submitted by post are paid out within 10 working days. Good to know is that any outstanding costs will be settled with the reimbursement.

Choose how you wish to claim

The free Zilveren Kruis app

  • Take a photo via the free app. Then submit the photo via the app
  • On average reimbursed within 2 working days
  • Claim your bills safely

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Through Mijn Zilveren Kruis

  • Reimbursed within 2 working days and visible on the claims overview
  • Just scan your bill. Printing or sending it by mail is no longer necessary
  • Always access to actual used health care and the latest claim overviews
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Heirs, receivers and cross-border workers claim costs with the online claims form (in Dutch only).

Check if your details are on the bill first before you claim

  1. Send us your bill after your treatment or course has ended. Bills that are claimed beforehand will not be reimbursed.
  2. We will only deal with claims if the details below are on the bill. Please add any missing information
    Insurance number, date of birth, name and address of the person who had treatment
    Description, date of the treatment, the name of the product and the 'prestatiecode'
    The details of the care provider including the AGB-code (in Dutch only) and performance code
  3. Wish to claim travel expenses by car or public transport, medical costs made abroad or cost that fall under your travel or cancellation insurance? Then please use one of our special claim forms. You will also receive the reimbursement within 10 working days.

Via regular mail

Send the original bill(s) in a stamped envelope to the address mentioned below. You will receive a reimbursement and your claims overview within 10 working days.

Zilveren Kruis
Afdeling Declaratieservice
Postbus 70001
3000 KB Rotterdam

A special claim form to submit claims mentions below

Medical costs made abroad

Claim medical cost made abroad via Mijn Zilveren Kruis together with a completed claim form.

Transport costs

Do you have our prior permission (an authorisation (in Dutch only)) to claim transport cost? Then use one of the corresponding claim forms to submit your bill.

Other claim forms

There are other claims forms, such as for a personal care allowance (pgb) or specific collective reimbursements.

Frequently asked questions

In most cases a claim form isn't necessary.

A claim form is only necessary for medical care received abroad, travel expenses, visiting costs or accommodation costs or bills you wish to claim with your travel insurance.
You can submit the claim form together with your bill via mail.

Please don't keep all your bills until the end of the year, but submit them as soon as possible. You can submit the original bill up to 3 years following the treatment date or received health care. The treatment date is the decisive factor, not the date the bill is issued. Submit a claim 3 years after the treatment or received health care, then we won't reimburse the costs.

You can use an ordinary envelope. Zilveren Kruis no longer uses pre-stamped claim envelopes.
Send your bill to:

Zilveren Kruis
Afd. Declaratieservice
Postbus 70001
3000 KB Rotterdam

Are you sending in more than 1 bill? Send them unattached in an envelope.
Please don’t use any staples, scotch or paperclips.

No, we can't. You can change your account number via Mijn Zilveren Kruis (log in with your DigiD and SMS code) or via our customer services. Please note: don't write your new account number on the bill.

We may be able to help reclaim damages if you've been injured by someone else as a result of an accident.
This is possible for high costs for transport by ambulance and hospital stay.
You can contact us via verhaalzaken@achmea.nl or by phone at 071 367 08 93 between 9am and 5pm. We can advise you how to reclaim your personal damages from the third party or his/her insurance. When thinking of personal damages, think about your excess or damages to your clothes.