Find a care provider

In our medical provider search tool, you will find all care providers and suppliers we have contracted. We also have agreements about the quality they provide. And you will find additional information about extra services provided by the care providers. The tool is available in Dutch only.

Non-contracted care providers

Does your care provider not have a contract with us? The reimbursement from basic or supplementary insurance might be lower than with a contracted care provider. Sometimes costs aren’t reimbursed at all. Furthermore:

  • You need our permission in advance to use medical devices.
  • You pay the bill up front and claim the costs afterwards.

Advantages of contracted care providers

We have contracted a great number of care providers, healthcare facilities and suppliers. You benefit from:

  • A full reimbursement if entitled as stated in the policy terms and conditions.
  • Contracted care-providers that work according to quality requirements.
  • Not having to pay the bill up front. The care provider claims the costs on your behalf.

Find a care provider (in Dutch only)

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