ZieZo basic health insurance

With ZieZo Basis you are not only well insured but also at a low cost. By arranging everything online, you pay less premium.

ZieZo Basis

Contracted hospitals

100% reimbursement at all hospitals in the Netherlands with a contract

Contracted care providers

100% reimbursement with contracted care providers

Medical devices

100% reimbursement when you order certain medical devices online, from contracted suppliers.

Non-contracted care and medical devices

up to 75% reimbursement of the average contracted tariff at all other hospitals and care providers. Or if you obtain medical devices you have to order online by other means.

€ 139.95
p/m in 2024
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Where can you go to with ZieZo Basis?

Do you want 100% reimbursement? All you have to do is check where you go to for your health care.

Care providers

Go to contracted care providers. You will get 100% reimbursed. Does your care provider not have a contract with us? Then you’ll get a maximum of 75% of the average contracted tariff reimbursed.


With ZieZo Basis you will get a 100% reimbursed at hospitals that have a contract with us.

Medical devices

For 100% reimbursement, you order certain medical devices online, from specific suppliers. Want to do it another way? Then you’ll get a maximum of 75% of the average contracted tariff reimbursed.

Main features of the insurance

Information available in Dutch only.

ZieZo Basis Health Insurance Card

What is reimbursed?

The basic insurance reimburses for the treatment everyone must be given according to the government. That is why basic insurance is the same for everyone. Main reimbursements at a glance:


Most commonly used reimbursements in basic insurance:

  • General practitioner
  • Hospital treatment and stay
  • Medical specialist
  • Medicines
  • Maternity care and midwifery
  • Ambulance and patient transport
  • Physiotherapy up to the age of 18
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Not reimbursed

The following are not included in your basic insurance for example:

  • Physiotherapy from the age of 18
  • Dentist fees from the age of 18
  • Contraception form the age of 21

Would you prefer to have these medical costs covered? Check out our Check onze supplementary insurance and dental insurance.


If you need regular care, opt for the standard excess of €385. Do you expect to incur few medical expenses? And do you have €885 in your savings account for when you need it? Then select a higher excess and pay a lower premium.

Useful info: you don’t pay excess for example, for your GP and care for children under 18.

Check the level of your premium

ZieZo Basis € 139,95 per month in 2024

ZieZo Basis € 125,95 per month in 2024

Children up to the age of 18 insured too

Children up to the age of 18 are insured on your basic insurance and the supplementary insurance too. You don’t pay a premium for them. Does your partner have more extensive supplementary insurance? If so, add your children to your partner’s insurance. Then they will get the same supplementary package.

Did you know that you don’t pay excess for children under 18? Sometimes you pay a personal contribution. But most of the care for your child is fully reimbursed.

I am happy with my health insurer. They assist and help me with anything I ask them to. I can tell that they care.

Sunny, via Zorgwijzer

Handy extras

With ZieZo, you benefit from the advantages of Zilveren Kruis.

The Zilveren Kruis app

Want to quickly send a bill or pay your excess? You can easily organise your insurance matters with our app. Always and everywhere.

Waiting list mediation

Does your hospital have a waiting list? Thanks to our waiting list mediation you can often get an earlier appointment. Our Care Coaches are there to find out for you! Further information available in Dutch only.

Flexible payment

At ZieZo, we want to make it as easy as possible to pay. You choose on which date your premium is debited or you can postpone the debit of your health care costs once..

Frequently asked questions

ZieZo is the low-cost insurance by Zilveren Kruis. With ZieZo, you will do everything possible online. You submit your bills with your smartphone via the Zilveren Kruis app or via Mijn Zilveren Kruis. You can order medicine online. And for 100% reimbursement you order certain medical devices online. Information available in Dutch only.

Prefer a wider choice? The Zilveren Kruis insurances are more extensive.

Zilveren Kruis insurances

Yes. But we don’t recommend it. You will need a DigiD to see your ZieZo policy certificate and claims overview. Without a DigiD, you can only ask for information by telephone.

Yes, you can. As long as you are entitled to Dutch health insurance. Make sure you clearly state that you want to take out insurance from abroad.

Contact us

Yes. As long as you are under 21. Or if you take the pill because you have endometriosis or menorrhagia. This means you get the pill on medical indication. For some brands of pill, you will still have to pay a contribution.

Are you over 21 and have no medical indication? Then you need supplementary insurance for your pill to be reimbursed.

Do you think that you don’t need anything extra, like physiotherapy or visits to the dentist? If so, basic insurance is enough.

But do bear in mind that you may get unexpected expenses. Something might happen that the basic insurance policy doesn’t cover. For example, you fall ill abroad and have to be brought back to the Netherlands.

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