Healthcare services Expert advice and help

In addition to basic and supplementary insurance, Zilveren Kruis customers can also access the following healthcare services:

Care Coach

If you have any questions about care, you can speak to a Zilveren Kruis Care Coach. Our team offers expert advice and help ensures that you get the right care. They can arrange, among other things:

  • Waiting list mediation
    Having to wait a long time for an initial consultation with a specialist can be stressful. You want quick, expert advice on your symptoms. One of our Care Coaches (in Dutch only) will be happy to help, so you get the advice you need sooner. It is often possible to speed up the process, especially in the case of an initial consultation.
  • A second opinion
    If you have doubts about an initial diagnosis, or would like to have it confirmed by another specialist, you can request a second opinion. A second opinion (in Dutch only) is provided by a doctor other than the one treating you. You can request a second opinion from a specialist in the Netherlands or abroad. A second opinion is covered by your basic insurance.
  • Comparison of hospitals and specialists
    One hospital is known for its expertise in oncology while another specialises in hernias. But which one specialises in the treatment you need? The Care Coach will take into account your personal preferences and help you make the right choice. Ask the Care Coach for advice on how to choose the best hospital for your treatment (in Dutch only).
  • Advice on maternity care
    The Care Coach can advise on questions about pregnancy, childbirth and maternity care (in Dutch only). The Care Coach applies for the maternity package for you and advises on obstetric practices, maternity care institutions and birthing hotels.
  • Advice from an international medical specialist
    Zilveren Kruis works in partnership with Royal Doctors. In response to a request from the Care Coach, Royal Doctors arrange a second opinion and all aspects of your medical treatment.

Zilverkorting discounts

Zilveren Kruis customers can get Zilverkorting discounts (in Dutch only) on things such as spectacles and contact lenses, refractive and cosmetic surgery, maternity packages, home help and diabetic medical aids.

Informal care

You care for someone close to you because you love them and are committed to their wellbeing, but it can ask a lot of you. In addition to providing reimbursements through our supplementary insurance, we help you find informal care solutions that suit you. We do this, among other things, by offering discounts on medical devices and services:

  • Mantelaar
    The medical students who work for Mantelaar provide personal care and attention that supplements the care provided by the informal carer.
  • Homeworks, Dinst and Helpling home help services
    These are additional home help services that are not reimbursed by the local authority or Zilveren Kruis.
  • Informal care provided by Senior Service
    When your informal carer can’t make it, a Senior Service carer can step in. They can do this on a one-off or a regular basis. Zilveren Kruis customers get a 5% discount.


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