Statutory personal contribution

You’ll always have to pay portion of healthcare costs and this is called a statutory personal contribution. Whatever the amount, we’ll both pay a share of the costs. This is different from the mandatory excess.

How high is my statutory contribution?

A statutory personal contribution is an amount or percentage that you have to pay for certain types of medical treatment and depends on your insurance package. Before you start a treatment, check whether the statutory contribution applies.

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You pay a statutory personal contribution

The government has decided that you will pay a statutory contribution for some healthcare covered by basic insurance, namely:
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Sometimes you will also pay a statutory contribution for healthcare covered by supplementary insurance, such as dental treatment, as you will pay a fixed percentage of the costs.

An example

Let’s say you go to the dentist for a filling and the bill is €100 for the anaesthetic and the filling. Your supplementary insurance covers 75% and your statutory contribution is 25%. This is the amount of the bill you’ll receive and we’ll reimburse the rest.

Statutory personal contribution at non-contracted care providers

To keep healthcare and premiums affordable, we make agreements with care providers about the quality, cooperation and the cost of healthcare. Healthcare provided by care providers without a contract is known as non-contracted care providers, where we will pay part of the costs and you pay more. Further information in Ducht only.

Basis Budget has fewer care providers with a contract with Zilveren Kruis than our other basic insurances. Choose a care provider with a contract, especially if you need hospital treatment, as the costs can be considerable.

An exmaple

Let’s say you go to the pharmacy that we don’t have a contract with, we’ll pay 75% of the average contracted rate. If your medicine costs €40, we’ll pay €30 because that’s the 75% of the average contracted rate and the rest is up to you, even if your medicine is more expensive at your own pharmacy.

Frequently asked questions

You don’t have to pay the personal contribution when you collect your medicine, as the pharmacy sends us the bill, which we’ll pay. You will then receive a bill from us to pay the statutory contribution.

No, the statutory personal contribution doesn’t have a voluntary personal contribution.

You can check our reimbursement overview to see if a personal contribution applies to your reimbursement. This applies to things like maternity care, medical devices and seated transport.

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