Going abroad

Are you going abroad? On a nice holiday. Or maybe you are leaving to (temporarily) live, work or study abroad. Find out what you should do to ensure the right medical care. This also applies to specific medical treatment abroad.

Live, work, study or travel abroad

Always check whether you can keep or cancel your healthcare insurance.

Going abroad for medical care?

Check which possibilities you have and discover what you should know in advance. Find out whether your costs are reimbursed.


Claim medical costs made abroad

Submit your medical costs made abroad via Mijn Zilveren Kruis, together with the completed claim form.

In the Netherlands temporarily?

Need unexpected medical care during your stay in the Netherlands? Zilveren Kruis is there to help you.

Need urgent medical care abroad?


Contact Zilveren Kruis Emergency Services by Eurocross: +31 71 364 12 22. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.