Healthcare insurance for students

We want to keep health care simple and affordable for students and with collective insurance, students are offered discount on supplementary insurances. We have collective insurances for students at university of applied science (hbo), science education (wo) and secondary vocational education (mbo).

Hbo and wo students

5% discount on supplementary insurance
(for Basis Plus Module, Aanvullend 1 and 2 stars)

5% discount on dental insurance
(for Aanvullend Tand 1 and 2 stars)

with Basis Zeker in 2024
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Mbo students

Logo Mbo zorg verzekerd

Up to 25% discount on supplementary insurance
(for Basis Plus Module, Aanvullend 1 and 2 stars)

Up to 15% discount on dental insurance
(for Tand Basis, Aanvullend Tand 1 and 2 stars)

p/m with Basis Budget in 2024
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Additional reimbursements for mbo students

Depending on the supplementary insurance, you will receive additional reimbursements for:

  • Physiotherapy and Cesar/Mensendieck remedial therapy
  • Lifestyle interventions such as weight loss and sleep improvement
  • Online self-help for mental health problems

Terms and conditions collective insurance

If you are a student, you have to be enrolled at one of the Dutch HBO, university or higher education institutions in order to benefit from collective insurance. In addition to your personal details, please fill in your student number.

Should you not yet have a student number, you can take out insurance and let us know of your student number as soon as you receive it. We’ll check your eligibility for collective insurance every year. The offer also extends to your partner and/or children. The premium is fixed for the calendar year and you can remain in this collective insurance until the 1st of January after you graduate.

Please note: this information is intended for Dutch students and does not directly apply to students from abroad. Students from abroad, who temporarily study in the Netherlands, can only be accepted for a Dutch healthcare insurance if, amongst others, specific employment conditions are simultaneously met. For more information on specific (employability) requirements for student social security, please contact your educational institute, the SVB or the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.