Healthcare insurance for students and non-students

Nearly turning 18? Time to arrange your healthcare insurance. We have various options for you.
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Make it easy. Choose ZieZo

No unnecessary coverage

When you are young, you need health care less often and you have less money to spend. Just for you, there is ZieZo. A healthcare insurance without unnecessary coverage and a competitive premium.

Arrange everything online

Watching films, buying concert ticket, doing homework. You do it all online. It’s the same with ZieZo. From ordering medicines to asking advice, you arrange it all online.

€ 14 discount per month in 2023

Every adult pays € 385 mandatory excess. With ZieZo you can increase it with € 500. Your benefit:
€ 14 discount per month.

Calculate your advantage

You’ll know within a few minutes

Want to know if you’ll get some of your premium back?

Healthcare allowance or benefit (zorgtoeslag) is a financial contribution. The amount depends on your income. The Tax and Customs Administration pays the benefit. This is how the government wants to keep the basic insurance affordable for everyone.

Apply for healthcare benefit

Good to know about healthcare insurances

From your 18th onwards, you have to pay premium for your healthcare insurance. You pay if you choose your own insurance. If you stay insured with your parents, they’ll pay. You will pay premium from the 1st of the month following your birthday.

Everyone aged 18 or older pays mandatory excess. This defaults to € 385. By increasing the amount you’ll pay less insurance premium.

You can receive up to € 107 back in 2021 for your insurance premium. In 2022 this is € 110. Apply for healthcare benefit from the Tax and Customs Administration.

You will stay insured with Zilveren Kruis. You’ll keep your current basic insurance, the highest supplementary insurance and possible collective insurance of your parents. But not dental insurance.

Up to your 18th, most dental costs are reimbursed from the basic insurance. But from 18 and older that’s no longer the case. If you want dental costs reimbursed after your 18th, it’s smart to take out dental insurance.

Choose a suitable supplementary insurance so you also get physio and remedial treatment reimbursed.

Receive discount on 1 of Zilveren Kruis’ collective insurances for students

  • Collective insurances for students attending universities and colleges.
  • Up to 15% discount on supplementary insurances
  • Up to 15% discount on dental insurance

Read more about collective insurances for students

Change only or cancel?

Staying insured with your parents

  • Change the insurance as you like, even basic insurance
  • Do so within 30 days after turning 18
  • If your parents have collective discount, then so do you
  • Now insured with collective insurance via Social Services (Sociale Dienst)? You can no longer stay insured with your parents. Choose your own insurance

Taking out your own insurance

You become the policyholder and pay your own premium. This is called corporatising (becoming independent). You arrange this by applying for your own insurance. You can keep the same package or make changes. Making use of a collective discount, taking out supplementary or dental insurances or changing the level of your excess, for example.

Want to cancel?

We are sad that you wish to switch to another healthcare insurer. If you have any doubts or questions, we’ll be glad to help you.

Discover the Zilveren Kruis app

Discover our easy to use Zilveren Kruis app. Quickly and safely submit your bills via your smartphone or tablet. Look up how you are insured with us and who is insured with you.

  • Pay your bills instantly through iDEAL
  • Overview of your healthcare costs
  • 24/7 chatbot support about reimbursements (in Dutch only)
  • Arrange a round-trip to your health care provider (in Dutch only)
  • A digital EHIC health insurance card
  • Also available in English

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