Healthcare card

Do you have an appointment with a care provider? To check your insurance they may ask you for your policy number, also known as insurance number (relatienummer). Find this number on your card in the Zilveren Kruis app.

Find your healthcare card in the Zilveren Kruis app

Never search for your healthcare card again, but always at hand in the app. Find your co-insured family member’s cards there as well. Very handy.

  • Always valid
  • Safer as you can never lose the card(s)
  • No more unnecessary plastic

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Less plastic is better for the environment

We have turned the plastic insurance card into digital version, so together with you, we can contribute to a better environment. If you would still prefer a plastic card, then please apply for one in Mijn Zilveren Kruis (in Dutch only).
Be aware: the plastic card is only valid up to 5 years and it will not automatically be renewed. A digital card, however, is always valid.

Are you going abroad?

Check before you leave which proof of insurance you need (in Dutch only). Save the number of Zilveren Kruis Emergency Services by Eurocros (+31 71 364 12 22) should something unpleasant happen call Zilveren Kruis Emergency Services by Eurocross.

What if you don’t have internet access abroad?


Even then, a plastic card is unnecessary. Just take a screenshot of your healthcare card and that of any family member accompanying you, in the Zilveren Kruis app using internet, as the app doesn’t work without it.

What is the healthcare card with EHIC?

The healthcare card is linked to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). You can also find the EHIC in the Zilveren Kruis-app or on the reverse side of your plastic card. The healthcare card is for you personally, for free and valid in all countries within the EU and EEA.

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