What happens if I fail to pay?

Maybe you are unable to pay your bill in 1 go. It can happen. In this case, you could simply apply for a payment in instalments. Or you pay the bill after our payment reminder. Not paying over a longer period of time will have significant consequences that you should know about.

We will send you no more than 3 reminders

In every reminder letter we ask you to pay within 15 workdays. Failing to pay on time will have consequences

  • Failing to pay after the 1st reminder will cost you an extra € 10
  • Failing to pay after the 2nd reminder will cost you an extra € 25
  • Have you still not paid after the 3rd reminder? We will request a collection agency or bailiff to collect it for us. You will have to pay the outstanding amount to the collection agency or bailiff. This also applies to any additional costs.
  • We will notify the collection agency or bailiff directly of any new outstanding debt. You won’t receive a separate reminder from us for these new debts.
  • If you fail to pay the collection agency or bailiff then the bailiff will start a subpoena procedure with the cantonal judge.

Not paying your premium also has further consequences

Please take the following consequences into account if you still fail to pay the premium after the 3rd reminder.

  • Do you have supplementary insurances? These will be cancelled from the 1st of the month following the 2nd reminder. From 1 January you can reapply for supplementary insurances
  • Possible discount on premium payments ((bi-)annually) will also be cancelled after the 2nd reminder. You will have to pay the premium per month retroactively
  • Changing healthcare insurers is not possible. This is bound by law. That is why healthcare insurers exchange information about outstanding debt payments
  • If you have outstanding premium debts up to a least 6 months, then we will register you with the CAK (in Dutch only) to apply the Law Regulation defaulters (wet Regeling Wanbetalers (in Dutch only).

Do you disagree with your outstanding premium amount?

And did you receive a letter about your outstanding payment of 4 months or more, then you can make an objection (in Dutch only).

Defaulters regulation

If you are registered for the defaulters regulation the CAK will collect your premium. You will pay a high premium amount. CAK will deduct the amount from your salary or social security. Your employer or benefits agency is required to co-operate. If this is not possible, you will receive a payment slip from the Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau (CJIB). If you fail to pay, then CAK will seize your possessions. The premium of your current healthcare insurance will be paid to CAK. Simultaneously you will need to pay off your debt at Zilveren Kruis

Find more information about legal regeling Wanbetalers (Defaulters scheme) (in Dutch only)

When is my regulation defaulters registration cancelled?

Your registration is cancelled in the following situations:

  • Not until you are debt free will we cancel your registration at CAK. We will cancel it from the 1st of the month following payment
  • Your registration is cancelled if you have agree to debt relief order of Wet schuldsanering natuurlijke personen (WNSP (in Dutch only)). Contact your municipality or the debt relief assistance for that.
  • Your registration can also be cancelled temporarily, a so-called trial-unsubscription or proof cancellation. For a trial-unsubscription, you take out a payment plan for the full amount. Contact the collection agency for the possibilities.

Can my supplementary insurance be reinstated?

Have you paid off your debt? Then you can take out supplementary insurance again from 1 January the following year. Please contact us for this.