Modify your debit date

We will normally debit your premium around the 27th of each month. Would you rather we debit on a different date? That's possible. You can easily modify the debit date online in Mijn Zilveren Kruis.

loggen in to Mijn Zilveren Kruis met DigiD Modify debit date (in Dutch only)
Log in with the DigiD app or SMS code. Find out more about DigiD.

You will always receive confirmation

We also ask you for your email address on the online form you fill out to modify the debit. You will receive a confirmation of your modification on this email address. Besides that you will also receive a new policy document by mail. On the back you will also find the new debit date.

When will my new debit date take effect?

We will try to let the new debit date start at your requested date. However, it is possible that the amount will be debited at the old date one last time. In that case your modification will take effect with the next debit.

Frequently asked questions

We will try to debit on the agreed on date as much as possible. Sometimes we don't succeed. There are different reasons for this.

  1. The bank is closed on Sundays and holidays
    There are no bank transactions at Christmas or on New Years day. The bank will debit the amount after the holidays. Usually a day later. Contact your bank for more information
  2. Your bank checks the 1st direct debit
    If the 1st direct debit goes well then the following direct debits will be on the agreed date. Health costs are sometimes debited 3 workdays later. Your premium and health costs (excess) are different elements and amounts. The bank checks these items separately

The agreement made about your payment plan won’t change. The date agreed on for your payment plan date will also stay the same. We will debit the (monthly) premium alongside your payment plan. Only the date we debit your premium will change.

You will pay your premium to the collection agency as agreed. Besides that we will debit your current premium (monthly).

CAK will deduct the premium from your salary/benefit. You can't change this arrangement with us. (in Dutch only) can help you solve your payment problems. You can call them with questions about general insurance right, premium obligations or debts. Use the toll free number 0800 64 64 644 on working days between 9am and 5pm. Check out their website (in Dutch only) for more information.

We will not pay out your claim sooner. This is unrelated to the payment of your premium.