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Dealing with a complaint correctly and as soon as we can is important to us

Within 5 working days after registering your complaint you will receive a confirmation. We will then get back to you within 10 working days. If more time is required to deal with your complaint, we will inform you.

You have a complaint about your premium debt

Do you feel that your premium is incorrect? And have you received a letter that you are more than 4 months behind on your premium? Send your written objection to our ‘Klantsignaalmanagement’ department. Your written objection has to be received within 4 weeks following receipt of this letter. As long as you haven’t received a written reaction, we will not report you to the Zorginstituut Nederland.

You can apply for a reassessment

We will do our best and deal with your complaint as well as we can. However, you still might disagree with us. In the reassessment you can clearly state why you disagree with us. We will get back to you within 10 working days.

Does our reassessment not meet your expectations?

Should we not reach an agreement then you can ask Stichting Klachten en Geschillen Zorgverzekeringen (SKGZ) to reassess your complaint. They work independently and are impartial. You can submit your complaint in writing or via Please take note that the SKGZ won’t help you if your complaint is being dealt with or has been ruled on by a judicial authority.

Online selling of goods or services fall under the European regulations. Read information available on ODR-platform.

You can always go to civil court

Even after the SKGZ has given a binding advice. In this case the judge will only procedurally look at the complaint. Find more information on You can also find out which court you can go to.