Example letter POL2

You received a letter in Dutch. Find the translation of the letter below to help you understand what the letter is about.

Health insurance change

Dear Mr./Mrs. [Name],

This letter concerns the health insurance of:

You changed the amount of your deductible [variable]

You also chose supplementary and/or dental insurance. We have edited your policy to reflect your change(s).

See the change(s) below

Health insurance package for Mrs./Mr. [Name]

Current situation New situation
Basic insurance Basic insurance
Supplementary insurance Supplementary insurance
Extra Aanvullende insurance Extra Aanvullende insurance
Dental insurance -
Premium Premium*

*The amounts are based on the 2021 premiums and exclude the discount for an annual payment.

Your new policy document is enclosed with this letter

This policy document includes your personal information, insurance number and how your pay your premiums.

Do you have any other questions?

All information about your reimbursements can be found on zk.nl/informatiedocument for the information documents ‘verzekeringskaarten’ about your health insurance. These information documents display the most important information about your insurance (available in Dutch only). Would you rather speak to us in person? No problem. You can chat with us, send us a WhatsApp or give us a call. Our opening hours and contact information are listed at zk.nl/contact-english.

Best regards,