Example letter POL1

You received a letter in Dutch. Find the translation of the letter below to help you understand what the letter is about.

Cancellation of supplementary insurance

Dear Mr./Mrs. [Name],

Unfortunately your outstanding health insurance premiums have not been paid. This letter explains what will happen next.

We will cancel your supplementary insurance from [date]

If you also have dental insurance, we will cancel that too.

From here on out, you will pay supplementary insurance treatments yourself

This also applies to dental insurance treatments.

Your new policy document is enclosed with this letter

The document shows you how you are insured from [date]. You cannot switch to another insurer as long as you have outstanding premium payments. You cannot cancel your basic insurance either.

You can reapply for supplementary insurance

This is possible once you have paid your outstanding premium payments. Go to zk.nl/mijnzk to apply for supplementary insurance. The new supplementary insurance will start on the 1st day of the following calendar year.

Did you pay your premiums on time?

Then something went wrong. Contact our customer services for a solution. Our opening hours and contact information are listed at zk.nl/contact-english. Do you have any other questions? Go to zk.nl/mijnzk.

Best regards,