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More for your health

Your health, and that of the people around you, is the most important thing there is. With us, you are insured for good care. But we also like to help you work on your health. With tips, inspiration and handy apps, we help you take small steps towards a healthier life.

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Discover your total picture

Movement, relaxation, eating, sleep, pleasure in your work, but also where you live. It all counts as it comes to your health.


Step-by-step the Actify-app helps you to a healthier lifestyle. The app coaches you with practical tips, tasty recipes, a pedometer, inspiration and meditation. You can choose what suits you. More information is available in Dutch only.

Answers to your health questions

The app Zilveren Kruis Wijzer allows users to ask questions about their health, even if they are unsure whether they need to see a healthcare provider. The app is available at home and on the go, so users can get help when they need it.

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