Family members of cross-border workers

Do you work in the Netherlands, but live in another country? In that case, you need Dutch basic healthcare insurance. Your family members aren’t entitled to the Dutch healthcare insurance as they don’t work or live in the Netherlands. They need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from the CAK. They can then receive medical care in the Netherlands.

When are my family members entitled to the EHIC?

As soon as your family members are registered as co-insured in your country of residence. You can register them with an E106 form. Are you insured at Zilveren Kruis and are you cross-border worker? You can contact us to request an E106 form. You can contact them at 00 31 20 797 80.

What will be reimbursed?

You will receive basic health care out of the Dutch Health Insurance Act (Zvw) or the Act Long-term Care (Wlz).

View the most frequent forms of basic health care

How do I claim a health care bill?

We will reimburse directly to the care provider. Sometimes you will have to pay the bill in advance. For example, when we only reimburse part of your treatment.

Send us the original bill together with a copy of your international proof of insurance and a claim form to:

Zilveren Kruis
Groep Buitenlands Recht
Postbus 650