Example letter POL

You received a letter in Dutch. Find the translation of the letter below to help you understand what the letter is about.

This is your policy document

Dear Mr./Mrs. [Name],

Thank you for choosing Zilveren Kruis. You are insured with us from [date].

We are registering the following person for health insurance

This registration applies to:

The policy document is enclosed with this letter

The document shows how and for what you are insured for. It also serves as proof that you are insured with us. Make sure you store it safely. This document also states what your premium is, including your excess. Would you prefer to receive your policy documents digitally in the future? Please visit zk.nl/digitalepost.

[trigger cancellation service]

You will receive your insurance card soon

The insurance card shows that you are insured with us. You will receive the insurance card within 10 working days of your policy taking effect. Have you not received your insurance card yet, but are in need of healthcare? Please use the policy document or your identification as proof.

Want to view or change the details of your co-insured person(s)?

Personal data is protected by law. To be able to view of change data of your co-insured, you need an authorisation. Your co-insured can authorise you. This can be arranged via zk.nl/machtigeenander or by phone.

Do you want insight into your financial data?

Then go to zk.nl/financieeloverzicht. Logging in is done in 2 steps: with DigiD and SMS verification or with the DigiD app. The overview shows outstanding and paid amounts. Do you pay your premiums automatically (direct debit)? Then this is where you can see when we charge you for your premium payments.

Do you have any other questions?

All information about your reimbursements can be found on zk.nl/informatiedocument for the information documents ‘verzekeringskaarten’ about your health insurance. These information documents display the most important information about your insurance (available in Dutch only). Would you rather speak to us in person? Would you rather speak to us in person? No problem. You can chat with us, send us a message via WhatsApp or give us a call. Our opening hours and contact information are listed at zk.nl/contact-english.

Best regards,