Choose your preferred payment method

There are several ways to pay your bills. Via direct debit for instance, or receive a bill by email and pay easily with iDEAL without any additional costs. Receiving your bill by mail is also possible. This will cost you an additional € 1 and you have to arrange the payments yourself.

Choose your payment method at Mijn Zilveren Kruis

Do you want to alter your payment method? Go to Mijn Zilveren Kruis (in Dutch only). Log in safely with DigiD and a text message-check or with the DigiD app.

Administrator, curator or budget manager?

You can change your client’s payment method. Check the page for administrators (in Dutch only).

Bills by email

  • Receive your bills by email
  • Easy and safe payments through iDEAL
  • No additional costs

Bills by mail

  • You receive your bills via the mail
  • Pay € 1 per bill
  • You can only pay using iDEAL if you log into Mijn Zilveren Kruis

Direct debit

  • You will always pay on time
  • Choose your own debit date
  • No extra costs
loggen in to Mijn Zilveren Kruis met DigiD Choose preferred payment method
Log in with the DigiD app or SMS code. Find out more about DigiD.

Want to pay a bill you received via traditional mail?

Always use the payment information listed on your bill. That is how to know for sure that your payment will be processed properly. Did you lose your payment information? Please transfer your payment to NL58 INGB 0000 0030 50, addressed to Zilveren Kruis Zorgverzekeringen NV. Always use the payment description to share your policy number. Or reach out to us, just to be sure.

Pay your premium every year or bi-annually and receive a discount

Pay bi-annually or annually and receive a discount on your premium. In 2021 you benefit from a 1% discount if you choose to pay your premium for the whole year at once, or 0.5% if you choose to pay your bill bi-annually. When you submit your new debit date over a month before your current debit date, the change will take effect on the date you submitted.

Modify your payment term (in Dutch only)
Log in with the DigiD-app or SMS code. Learn more about DigiD.

Want to change your bank account number?

Go to Mijn Zilveren Kruis (in Dutch only). Log in safely using DigiD and a text message-check, or using the DigiD app.

Experiencing issues?

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We are happy to help.