Living together, getting married or separated

When should you inform us?

Are you going to live together or are you getting married? You don’t have to inform us. The Municipal Personal Database (Basisregistratie Personen (BRP)) will inform us of a possible new address or name change.

Register partner on your policy

Would you like to register your spouse or partner on your policy? Go to Mijn Zilveren Kruis and choose Aanmelden gezinslid (in Dutch only). We will register your spouse or partner as a co-insured within 10 workdays.

Getting separated

Are you the only adult on your policy? Then you don’t have to inform us of your separation. Do you and your ex-partner have a joined policy? Then you do have to inform us of your separation. We can then split the policy.

Are you getting divorced and do you want to change your name? Municipalities don’t change names automatically after a divorce. When you inform your municipality of your divorce, ask them to also change the aanduiding naamgebruik in the BRP.

The policyholder can cancel the healthcare insurance of a partner or child throughout the year. However, we do need a (ex)partners' permission.​ The co-insured partner can cancel the policy of the child, as long as that child is registered at the same address as that parent. Permission from the policy holder is not necessary.

The ex-partner can apply for their own healthcare insurance independently. They can do so with us or with another company.

The policyholder can’t cancel their own health care insurance mid-term because of a divorce. Call us for advice about a new healthcare insurance at 071 365 20 80 (on workdays between 8am and 6pm).