Authorise someone to take care of health care matters

Have someone take care or your health care matters

Would you like someone else to arrange your health care matters? You need to authorize them first.

You can authorise someone to arrange or modify:

  • Financial details: excess, payment plan or payment method
  • Personal details: address or policy modifications
  • Medical details: reimbursements, medication and health care costs
  • Other details
Please note: the person you authorise can only arrange or modify things by phone. For access to health care consumption in Mijn Zilveren Kruis you need a different kind of authorisation. This can only be requested by someone who is on the same policy, a partner or child for instance.
step 1
Complete online form and send in directly

To the authorisation form

step 2
Wait for further notice about authorisation

We will process your request within 7 working days. You will be informed by mail about the authorisation.

You can also request authorization per mail. Download the authorisation form (pdf, in Dutch only) print it and fill out the form.

A stamp is not necessary.

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