Supplementary insurance

The basic insurance doesn't cover all medical costs. For that reason we have supplementary insurance.
Supplementary insurance is advisable for specific medical costs or for more insurance.


We offer 5 supplementary insurances

The more stars, the more extensive the coverage

The premium differs per age. Choose a category and view the premium.


Discount on your insurance premium via your employer or association?

Zilveren Kruis is the leading collective healthcare insurer. We offer you more than 15.000 collectives for employees for example. We also have collective insurances for sports associations and member organizations.

Advantages of collective healthcare insurance:
  • Discount on your premium for your partner and children as well
  • Often extra reimbursements

Learn more about collective insurances


Good to know about the supplementary insurance

  • The mandatory excess doesn't apply
  • At Zilveren Kruis your children up to 18 are co-insured with the highest supplementary insurance of the parent(s)
  • You don't pay premium for children younger than 18
  • The premium doesn't depend on your medical needs
    • General dental costs aren't reimbursed. Dental insurance is necessary.

Basis Plus Module

Wish to insure yourself against unexpected high costs for a small amount?
Then choose the Basis Plus Module.

The Basis Plus Module also covers:

  • Urgent medical care abroad
  • Transport of insured person or mortal remains back to the Netherlands
  • Post-care physiotherapy after oncology, for cardiovascular disease, or following a stroke at a PlusPraktijk
  • Second opinion via '2e Arts Online'
  • Ask a top specialist at Royal Doctors medical questions
€ 2,50
The Basis Plus Module is only necessary if you don't have supplementary insurance.
De care reimbursed by the Basis Plus Module is also reimbursed by the supplementary insurance.

Frequently asked questions

No, the excess doesn't apply to health care covered by the supplementary insurance. We would like to explain more about the excess.               
No, you can't change your supplementary insurance year-round.
For 2020, you can change it up to 1 February 2020. The change will be effective from 1 January 2020.

Modify your insurance
No, medical selection applies only to the dental insurance with 3 and 4 stars.

Calculate your premium

However, from 1 January 2020 a waiting time applies to orthodontic treatment. You will receive a reimbursement only after you have been insured for orthodontic treatment for a year. This is to keep the premium affordable.
Yes, you will receive discount on your supplementary insurance premium. The level of discount depends on the collective scheme.

Find your possible collective advantages in our collective search tool.
It is advisable to take out supplementary insurance if you expect specific health care treatment. Orthodontic treatment or physiotherapy for example.

It is after all your personal choice. Find in our calculate premium the different packages.
It will help you to find the most suitable insurance for you and whether or not extra coverage is beneficial.
No, you cannot take out supplementary or dental insurances if you have premium arrears.
We do our best to give you an answer as soon as possible. Find out what our agreements are about the response time (reactietermijnen) (in Dutch only) of your question, complaint, comment or suggestion.