Healthcare insurance for students

Healthcare insurance for students

Good healthcare insurance is important, but can be quite expensive. We make every effort to keep health care for students in the Netherlands affordable. Therefore, we offer 10% collective discount on basic insurance. We also offer supplementary insurance from € 2.13 with the Basis Plus Module.


Excellent health care at a competitive price

  • 10% discount on basic insurance
  • up to 15% discount on supplementary insurance
  • up to 10% discount on dental insurance
From € 83.46 per month including 10% discount.

Calculate your premium 

We offer reimbursements that really appeal to students:

Basic insurance offers, among other things:

  • general practitioner (GP)
  • contraception up to 21 years
  • patient transport
  • treatment and stay in hospital

Supplementary insurance offers, among other things:

  • spectacle and contact lenses 
  • alternative therapies or homeopathic medicines
  • injury consultation by sports physician

Is your reimbursement not stated? Find a specific reimbursement (in Dutch only)

A different collective for secondary vocational training

Fill in MBO in the 'collectiviteitszoeker' (our collective search tool) and choose the collective 'MBO studenten'.

An affordable healthcare insurance for students

If you receive the maximum of healthcare benefits (zorgtoeslag, in Dutch only), then health care costs are not that bad. Do you want to know how much you the healthcare insurance will cost you?

Terms and conditions group insurance

To participate in group insurance discount you, as a student, have to be enrolled at one of the Dutch HBO or university institutions. In addition to your personal details, please fill in your student number.
Don't have a student number yet? You can take out insurance and inform us of your student number once you've received it.
We check annually whether you're entitled to the group insurance. The offer also extends to your possible partner and/or children. Premium is fixed and applies to a calendar year. After you graduate, you can stay in this group insurance until 1 January.

Please note: this information is intended for Dutch students and does not directly apply to students from abroad. Students from abroad, who temporarily study in the Netherlands, can only be accepted for a Dutch healthcare insurance if, amongst others, specific employment conditions are simultaneously met. For more information on specific (employability) requirements for student social security, please contact your educational institute, the SVB or the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.