Exceptions to the excess

What type of care doesn’t the excess apply to?

The excess doesn’t apply to all types of medical care reimbursed from the basic insurance. In most cases you won’t even receive a bill for the following types of treatment.

  • Visit to a general practitioner (GP) or GP centre (excess does apply to treatment or exams prescribed by the GP, such as lab exams)
  • Care for children under the age of 18
  • Medical devices on loan
  • District nursing or medical care in your own environment
  • Integrated care via your GP
  • Transport and after-care treatment of organ donors
  • Child birth and obstetric care
  • Maternity care
  • Pedicure treatment for diabetic patients at a Chiropodist
Are you a chronic user of prescription medicine? Do you have an annual medicine assessment at a contracted pharmacy? Then the excess doesn't apply to the assessment. The voluntary excess does apply.

Sometimes you will receive a bill

A blood test for example, after a follow-up treatment for maternity care or GP visit. The excess applies to the blood test. On your reimbursement statement you will find this stated as lab costs .

What type of care does the excess apply to?

The mandatory excess of € 385 applies to most medical costs reimbursed from the basic insurance. These are the costs you will have to pay first.

In our online reimbursement overview (in Dutch only) you will find whether the excess applies.