Basis Plus Module

Basic insurance sometimes covers less than you expect. Insure yourself against
unexpected high costs for only € 2.50 per month.


What type of care does the Basis Plus Module reimburse?

100% reimbursement

  • Urgent medical care abroad
  • Transport of insured or mortal remains back to the Netherlands
  • Physiotherapy for cancer, coronary heart and vascular diseases
    and a stroke, carried out by a PlusPraktijk
  • Mammaprint test
  • Second opinion via '2e Arts Online'
  • Ask a Best Doctors medical top specialist
    health care questions

Partial reimbursement

  • Registered medicines that aren't reimbursed under the basic insurance
  • Statutory personal contribution for medicines,
    except medicine for ADHD
  • Dental costs after an accident
  • Overnight stay and transport for a
    expertise treatment abroad
  • Help at home after a hospital stay
Our supplementary insurance also reimburses these medical costs.
The Basis Plus Module is only advisable when you don't take out supplementary insurance.

Good to know about the Basis Plus Module

  • At Zilveren Kruis you don't pay premium for your children younger than 18 including the supplementary insurance.
  • Do you have supplementary insurance then you don't have to take out Basis Plus Module. The Basis Plus Module reimbursements are includes in all the supplementary insurances.
    • General dental costs aren't covered. You'll need a dental insurance for this.

Frequently asked questions

No, the Basis Plus Module is not mandatory. You can it out in addition to your basic insurance.

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Yes, the Basis Plus Module is a supplementary insurance verzekering.

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No, care covered by the Basis Plus Module is also covered by the supplementary insurance.
The Basis Plus Module is therefore, not necessary.
When supplementary insurance is too extensive but you would like to be insured for unexpected high costs. Then it is wise to take out the Basis Plus Module.

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