Basis Exclusief

100% reimbursement at any care provider

Would you prefer to choose your own care provider? And make sure all the hospitals in the Netherlands are reimbursed 100%? Then Basis Exclusief is a good choice. The Basis Exclusief in 2020 will cost € 134.95 per month.

Where can you go with Basis Exclusief?

A choice out of all the hospitals

Basis Exclusief is a reimbursement policy. This policy reimburses up to 100% of the prevailing market rate at any care provider. Even at care providers who don't have a contract. In this case, you pay the costs upfront. This freedom of choice only applies to care from the basic insurance and you usually pay The mandatory excess first.

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Check the medical provider search tool (zorgzoeker, in
Dutch only)
if your care provider is contracted. If not, request an estimate of the costs and find out whether the care provider uses a market rate (in Dutch only).