Basis Budget

Our competitive basic insurance

Would you prefer a competitive basic insurance? And don’t mind visiting a limited number of hospitals in the Netherlands for planned care? Then Basis Budget is your best choice. The Basis Budget for 2020 will cost € 115.95 per month.

Where can you go to with Basis Budget?

Choose from selected hospitals

The Basis Budget is an arranged care policy (naturapolis) with a limited number of contracted hospitals. The selected hospitals offer quality care against the lowest price. There is always a selected hospital within about 45 minute drive. In most cases, even within 30 minutes. All treatments are reimbursed 100% in the selected hospitals only. Less hospitals than are available in our other basic insurances, so we can offer you a competitive premium. You can go to any hospital in the Netherlands for urgent necessary medical care.

The quality of care in the selected hospitals for the Basis Budget, is the same compared to all hospitals with whom we have a contract. All the hospitals meet our quality requirements.

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Do you have a doctor's referral?

Then check which hospital is covered 100%.

Prevent having to pay part of the bill out-of-pocket.

100% reimbursement only at selected care providers

Physiotherapist, chiropodist or an independent treatment centre is what we mean with other care providers. Keep in mind that the excess applies to most reimbursements covered by the basic insurance.

Visiting a non-selected hospital or non-contracted care providers, you will receive 75% of the average contracted rate (link in Dutch). The rest is out-of-pocket. Before you make an appoint, check whether your treatment is reimbursed 100% in the contracted hospital in your area. Hospitals are legally required to inform you in advance about the possible costs for a treatment. And also if they are selected for the Basis Budget and whether the costs are reimbursed in full or not. Do not hesitate to ask the hospital for this information.

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Some treatments are reimbursed 100% in any hospital

Receive 100% reimbursement in any hospital in the Netherlands for:

  • Urgent medical care. Even when you are transferred from the emergency care unit to a non-selected hospital for a hospital admission. The follow-up treatments and check-ups following your emergency care in a non-selected hospital are part of this reimbursement. This also applies to emergency treatment as an outpatient within 24 hours after receiving the referral.

Receive 100% reimbursement at all Zilveren Kruis contracted hospitals for:

  • Referred treatment from one medical specialist to another non-selected medical specialist at a non-selected hospital. We call this tertiary referral. The follow-up treatments and check-ups in a non-selected hospital are part of this reimbursement
  • An IVF course (from 1 January 2020, you can go to selected hospitals only)
  • Obstetric care
  • Fertility-enhancing treatments OI, IUI, KI, AID (from 1 January 2020, you can go to selected hospitals only)
  • Care for children younger than 18. Your children will automatically receive the Basis Zeker if you choose the Basis Budget
  • A treatment that started when the hospital was selected for the Basis Budget. Or treatment you started when you switched to the Basis Budget. You can finish this treatment
  • A treatment only given in a specific hospital. This is called a WBMV product
  • A treatment that falls under another care product, such as dental surgery, lab tests or x-rays
  • A treatment that falls under mental health care (GGZ).

The excess applies to nearly all reimbursements from the basic insurance. Check the complete insurance terms and conditions, as they always apply.

Frequently asked questions

You had treatment in at a hospital not selected for the Basis Budget. We will reimburse up to 75% of the average contracted rate for this treatment. This is stated in the Basis Budget policy terms and conditions.
You can find an overview of 100% reimbursed Basis Budget selected hospitals online and in the ‘zorgzoeker’. Hospitals are also legally bound to inform you before you start treatment what the costs are for the treatment.
​First of all contact your hospital. Are you unable to reach an agreement with your hospital then leave us your name, insurance number, phone number and email address. We will contact you within 3 working days to advise and assist you.
​You will have to go to another selected hospital. A waiting list isn’t a reason to go to a non-selected hospital. Sometimes another selected hospital could be further away. Contact our ‘Zorgcoach’ (in Dutch only) (wachtlijstbemiddeling) and find out what your options are for another selected hospital.
​No, you don’t. If you have been admitted to a non-selected hospital for urgent medical care then these costs will be covered by the reimbursement for urgent  medical care. This also applies to any follow-up treatments and check-ups in the non-selected hospital following your visit to the emergency room. Or an outpatient emergency treatment within 24 hours of your referral.