Dental insurance

Treatments at the dentist and oral hygienist are covered by our dental insurances. These costs are not covered under the basic insurance for those over the age of 18. Dental costs for children younger than 18 are covered by basic insurance.


We offer 5 dental insurances

You can visit a dentist, oral hygienist, dental surgeon and clinical dental technician.
The more stars, the higher the maximum reimbursement per year.
Medical acceptance applies to dental insurance 3 and 4 stars.

The premium differs per age. Choose a category and view the premium.

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Discount is included in the price


Your collective

Zilveren Kruis is the leading collective healthcare insurer. More than 15.000 employers have arranged collective healthcare insurance with us for their employees. We also have collective insurances for sports associations and member organizations.

Advantages of your collective healthcare insurance:
  • Discount on your premium as well as for your partner and children
  • Sometimes you receive extra reimbursements

Good to know about the dental insurance

  • The excess doesn't apply
  • Dental costs are covered under the basic insurance for children up to 18
  • For a reimbursement for orthodontics, one of the parents must have 3 or 4 star supplementary insurance
  • Orthodontic treatment for those over the age of 18 is only covered in exceptional cases (in Dutch only).

Dental insurance: what is and isn't covered?

The reimbursement depends on your dental package. Sometimes additional terms apply. Find them in the complete reimbursements overview.

What is covered

Tand Basis

  • Check-up and oral hygiene: 2 check-ups and 15 mins cleaning
  • Or 1 check-up and 25 mins cleaning per year
  • Fillings, extractions and anaesthesia up to € 75 per year

100% reimbursement from Tand 1*

  • Consultations (C-codes)
  • Second opinion
  • Fillings (V-codes)
  • Extraction of teeth and molars by the dentist (H-codes)
  • X-rays (X-codes)
  • Anesthesia (A-codes)

75% reimbursement from Tand 1*

  • Other forms of dental treatment
     (100% bij dental insurance 4 stars)
  • Oral hygiene (M-codes)

What isn't covered

  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Treatment treatment by a dental technician
  • Costs for an examination report (C70 and C75)
  • Missed or forgotten dental appointment (C90)
  • Exterior bleaching of teeth and molars (E97, E98 and E00)
  • Subscriptions
  • Mandibular advancement device, diagnosis and positioning device, diagnosis and aftercare
  • Dental statement

Orthodontic treatment up to the age of 18 is not covered by the dental insurance.
You need supplementary insurance 3 stars for that.
View the reimbursements (in Dutch only).

Frequently asked questions

No, the excess doesn't apply to the dental insurance. The dental insurance doesn't always cover costs 100%. View all reimbursements (in Dutch only) for the different kinds of dental care.
Yes, medical underwriting applies to the dental insurance with 3 and 4 stars. We'll ask some questions about the condition of the teeth of the applicant. Should considerable dental care be needed, we unfortunately can't offer these policies. When you take out dental insurance, then we'll aske the same questions. Would you like to know what these questions are? Then find out what they are on the application form.

Calculate your premium
Yes, you will receive discount on your dental insurance premium. The level of discount depends on the collective scheme. Find your possible collective advantages in our collective search tool (collectiviteitszoeker) (in Dutch only).
That depends. Do you frequently have high dental costs, then is wise to take out dental insurance. It is not advisable to take out dental insurance if you have a strong and healthy teeth.

That's why we have a new dental package Aanvullend Tand Basis. This package includes a check-up twice a year and 15 minutes dental cleaning by your dentist or oral hygienist. Or 1 check-up and 25 minutes dental cleaning. This package also includes a small filling and pulling of a tooth.

For a small amount you are well insured for dental costs. Wish to be insured for a more extensive coverage, then you could choose a more extensive package. For x-rays, crowns and bridges for example.

A healthy mouth is important to your health. That is why we would like to advise to go for regular check-ups to take care of your teeth.
Up to the age of 18, dental care is covered under the basic insurance. Are you over the age of 18, then supplementary insurance covers up to maximum € 10,000 per accident. Find in our overview of benefits (in Dutch only) everything about the reimbursement of dental care after an accident.
We do our best to give you an answer as soon as possible. Find out what our agreements are about the response time (reactietermijnen) (in Dutch only) of your question, complaint, comment or suggestion.