Collective insurance

A collective insurance is an insurance for a group of people. For example people with the same employer, sports club or member organization.

Collective insurance in 2020

For all healthcare insurers the collective discount on the basic insurance from 2020 changes to 5%. A collective insurance still has many advantages. You not only receive competitive discount but also extra reimbursements.

In November we will inform you about the specific agreements that apply to your collective healthcare insurance or member organization.


Discount on your insurance premium via your employer?

Zilveren Kruis is the leading collective healthcare insurer. More than 15.000 employers have arranged collective healthcare insurance with us for their employees. We also have collective insurances for sports associations and member organizations. ZieZo doesn't have collective agreements as the premium is already competitive. 

Advantages of collective healthcare insurance:

  • Discount on your premium for your partner and children as well
  • Often extra reimbursements



Are you already a Zilveren Kruis client?

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Frequently asked questions

That depends on the collective insurance.  Please contact our customer services for more information.   
You can switch from the 1st of the month following your request. This applies when you want to switch from individual healthcare insurance to collective healthcare insurance with your current insurer. If not, you can switch from 1 January.
You can switch to another insurer when you have collective healthcare insurance with us and your new employer has collective healthcare insurance elsewhere.   
According to the Healthcare Insurance Act a change in jobs is not a reason to cancel healthcare insurance during the year. You will keep your insurance with us until 1 January. The premium will increase as you are no longer entitled to the collective insurance.
If your new employer also offers collective insurance, then you can switch to that collective. Contact our customer services.   
No, unfortunately that's not possible.