Our basic insurance

The basic insurance is mandatory in the Netherlands. The government determines what is covered and is the same with each healthcare insurer. The basic insurance premium is not age-dependent. Each basic insurance covers, among other things:

  • General practitioner (GP)
  • Medical specialists
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Patient transport
  • Obstetric care
  • Maternity care

We have 3 basic healthcare insurances

Basis Budget

Receive 100% reimbursement at
a limited number of selected
and at any
care provider with a contract

Receive 75% reimbursement of the
average contracted rate
at care providers without a contract
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Basis Zeker

Receive 100% reimbursement at
at all contracted hospitals and
all care providers with a contract

Receive 75% reimbursement of the
average contracted rate
at care providers without a contract
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Basis Exclusief

Receive 100% reimbursement at
any hospital
and all care providers

Receive 100% reimbursement of the
prevailing market rate or statutory rate
at care providers without at contract
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The higher the excess, the lower the insurance premium

You can increase your voluntary excess for 2018 up to a maximum of € 885. You will, however, pay a higher amount for medical costs.

View below what you will save on your insurance premium with a higher excess.

  • € 385
  • € 485
  • € 585
  • € 685
  • € 785
  • € 885
Save up to 0 per month

Basis Plus Module

For a small amount insured against unexpected high costs

The Basis Plus Module also covers:

  • Dental care after an accident
  • Help at home after a hospital stay
  • Statutory personal contribution for medicines
€ 2,50

We offer 5 dental insurances

The more stars, the higher the maximum reimbursement per year

Tand Basis

  • Assessment + dental cleaning
  • Small dental filling or tooth extraction
€ 7,25

Up to €250 per year

€ 12,25

Up to €500 per year

€ 19,25

Up to €1000 per year

€ 35,25

Up to €1250 per year

€ 53,75

Frequently Asked Question

We will announce the new premium for 2019 no later than 12 November 2017.
Yes, you can choose your hospital and doctor. But note: not all treatments are reimbursed 100% in every hospital.
The number of hospitals and doctors you can go to depends on your insurance.
  • With the Basis Budget, you can go to a selected number of hospitals and a wide range of care providers.
  • With the Basis Zeker, you can go to a wide range of hospitals and wide range of care providers.
  • With the Basis Exclusief, you can go to any hospital or care provider.

Through our medical care provider search tool (zorgzoeker) you can find out which hospital or doctor you can go to.
A collective insurance is an insurance for a group of people such as a company or an association. The insurance premium is therefore competitive.
We have good agreements with most employers and branch organizations in the Netherlands about collective insurance for employees or members. These agreements also apply to many sport associations and organizations for the elderly. Even as a student, you are entitled to a collective insurance. The level of discount depends on the your collective.
You can find your possible collective advantages in our collectiviteitszoeker (collective search tool (in Ducht only)).
All you have to do is to take out healthcare insurance with us. You can sign up online. We will arrange cancellation of your current insurance for you. You don’t have to do a thing
The level of your premium depends on a number of things:

The type of insurance
One insurance package costs more than another. The Basis Budget (with a selected number of hospitals you can visit) is cheaper than the Basis Exclusief (where you can visit any hospital). In addition to the basic insurance, you might choose a supplementary or a dental insurance. Different variations with different premiums.

The level of your excess
It is also possible to increase your excess. What counts is the higher the excess, the more discount on your insurance premium.

Collective discount
You will receive discount on your basic, supplementary and dental insurance if you have collective insurance through your employer for example. The level of your discount depends on your collective.
We do our best to give you an answer as soon as possible. Find out what our agreements are about the response time (reactietermijnen) (in Dutch only) of your question, complaint, comment or suggestion.

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