Payment plan

Did you receive a bill?

For your excess for example? Or for your outstanding premium? Maybe you are unable to pay it in 1 go. Don’t worry just apply for a payment plan and pay the bill in instalments. It’s already available from € 50 and doesn’t cost you any extra.

These are the rules

  • You pay per month by direct debit
  • You don’t have an outstanding amount elsewhere such as a collection agency
  • We can debit on the agreed date. Otherwise the payment plan will stop


Frequently asked questions

Did you receive a 2nd bill for medical costs? You can add this to your current payment plan in Mijn Zilveren Kruis. Log in with your DigiD.

Sometimes a large amount has already been debited at once. The amount can no longer be found in Mijn Zilveren Kruis. It is still possible to apply for a payment plan by having the payment reversed by your bank. This is called ‘storneren’ in Dutch. You will find the amount again in Mijn Zilveren Kruis within 7 days. Then you can apply for a payment plan for this amount.

Make sure to apply for the payment plan within 11 days after reversing the payment. Then we will not have to send a payment reminder.

Important: Do you already have a payment plan with us? Then never reverse the debited amount. If you do, your payment plan will automatically be cancelled. Please contact us if you cannot make your payment.

Do you have a payment plan with a collection agency? And do you already have an outstanding amount from Zilveren Kruis there? Any new bill will be added there unless you take action.