Income-related contribution

Your contribution to the Zorgverzekeringswet

The income-related contribution is a mandatory contribution to the tax authorities. The government uses this to pay for half of the health care costs of all persons insured in the Netherlands. This way the premium stays affordable.

You usually pay the income-related contribution automatically

Do you have a salary, pension or benefit? You usually don't have to do anything. For instance because your employer pays the contribution for you. Or because the contribution is deducted from your net wages or benefits. The tax authorities will automatically receive the amount due.

Sometimes you will receive an assessment

Do you have other sources of income? Like alimony, operating profits or are you a freelancer? The tax authorities will send you an assessment. The amount depends on your situation and means of income. Read more on the Belastingdienst (tax authorities) website.

Are you an employer? On the Belastingdienst (in Dutch only)
website you can read what this means for you.

How much you have to pay depends on your income

The income-related contribution is a percentage of your income. This percentage depends on your situation. Besides that there is a maximum. So the total amount of the income-related contribution differs from person to person. You can view a complete overview on the Belastingdienst (in Dutch only) website.