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Premium in arrears

When you are at least 6 months behind on your premium payments, the regeling Wanbetalers (Defaulters scheme) applies to you. Your premium arrears will be paid to us, the collection agency or bailiff.

Has the bailiff taken over your debt?

Then all contact will go through the bailiff. If you have any questions you can contact the bailiff. Tip: keep your file number close by when contacting the bailiff.​
The bailiffs we work with

Flanderijn Deurwaarder

Postbus 25042
3001 HA Rotterdam
088 209 26 50

GGN - Groep Gerechtsdeurwaarders Nederland

Postbus 1600
5200 AA Den Bosch
088 331 45 00


Postbus 6002
1005 EA Amsterdam
088 844 42 22​​