Beter Af Polis

The Beter Af is a conscious choice for the best price/quality. The Beter Af Polis will suit you if you want ample choice in health care providers and if you not only want to arrange your affairs online but also in writing or by phone. This is our best seller with more than two million Dutch insured people.

Tip! 90% of the Dutch are entitled to group/company discount. Are you?

* These prices are based on 5% group/company discount and a deductible excess of € 860.


You would like to choose the best health care in your area. With our very wide range of contacted health care providers, you always have high quality health care within reach. The reimbursement is less should you prefer to go to another health care provider.

  • Always an auxiliary medical device supplier in your area.
  • Always a contracted hospital in your area.
  • Full reimbursement for a very wide choice of contracted health care providers.
  • Lower reimbursement at non-contracted health care providers.
    You are entitled to 80% of the average contracted rate at non-contracted health care providers. Other decreased rates apply to mental health care, paramedical care and patient transport.


Would you like care from all health care providers in the Netherlands and would you like additional reimbursement for treatment in Europe? The Beter Af Exclusief Polis might be something for you.


Arrange your affaires as you like

You like to arrange things well and at your leisure. That is why you can submit claims and modify your healthcare insurance online. Need to contact us? Then please do so by email, phone or chat.

Personal health care mediator

You might wander whether you cannot get helped more quickly? Perhaps there are other forms of treatment available? Are there hospitals that have more experience in your treatment?

Then contact your personal health care mediator. You can explain your situation and together you will search how and where you can go to the best. And if you wish, the mediator can take care of all your appointments.


The Zilveren Kruis advantages

    • The leading collective healthcare insurer in the Netherlands; always a collective insurance that suits you
    • Care books with information about illnesses;  receive a care book worth € 19.95 once a year.

      For insured persons with supplementary insurance:

    • ZilverKorting: interesting discounts up to 25% on care-related products and services.
    • Request a second opinion from an international medical specialist via Best Doctors